Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Alive beneath cherry blossoms

I haven't forgotten about you all, I promise. If it makes you feel any better the 24 blog-less (?) days haven't been the most exciting; in fact they've been mostly filled with eating excessive amounts of chocolate and distracting myself from exam revision. So I suppose my excuses are pretty legitimate. Give it time though, on June 14th I'll be officially finished with exams (Yeaaahh) and will have many more hours to spend here; in fact, not to spoil any surprises, but I believe a blog make-over may even be on the cards! Recently I've been collecting a few items for summer/work experience/ sixth form so I thought I'd do a mini haul to show you all my most recent purchases. You may notice that I've found my Topshop obsession. There was a point in my life where the shop stopped 'exciting' me, although I have to admit that at present they've got some pretty sweet things- I definitely recommend a visit! I must however try my very best to drag myself out of my Topshop phase; I knew it was getting too much when I left the house at the weekend wearing the brand head to toe (and yes, I am including underwear...)

Knitted Crop Sweat- Topshop
Shadow Floral Tee- Topshop
Wills 2 Black Flatforms- Topshop
I'm an idiot. I just thought I'd tell you all myself before you came to the conclusion on your own. You may have noticed, the more observant of you anyway, that I appear to have only one ankle strap on my flatforms; this is correct. On Saturday, wearing my flatforms for the very first time, I went to the beach and after covering myself head to toe in sand decided it would be a good idea to go home, on the train, barefoot carrying my shoes alongside. It wasn't until I got home that I realised I must have dropped an ankle strap on the way. Idiotic as it may sound it is quite an unusual occurrence for me; I have always, in comparison to my sister anyway, had a lot of respect for my possessions, looking after them correctly etc.  I'm currently in the process of getting two new ankle straps made (fingers crossed) but if anyone living in the Gosforth- Tynemouth region spots a lonely look leather strap then please let me know!
White Biker Jacket- & Other Stories
I'm putting this jacket in the haul even though I technically bought it 2 months ago! This jacket was my first purchase from the store and I have to say was very impressed! Ordering of the internet, it came fairly quickly in the post, beautifully packaged and I received two free beauty samples! The 'Punk Bouquet' body lotion was extremly lovely in particular; I will not attempt to describe its scent to you all! The jacket itself is really versatile although I have occasionally felt like a bit of a WAG wearing it; it also gets dirty very quickly, as I expected I admit.
Pink Punch Nail polish- Ice Neon Collection, Models Own
Picked this up in Boots last week, it's a really nice fresh summer colour. I would upload a photograph of it on my nails but I have the most appalling hands!

 Thanks for reading and I will see you soon!

With thanks to my photographer

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Art GCSE Exam Piece

If you didn't know already, I suppose I did complain enough, I had my 10 hour art exam at the end of April in which I constructed a dress, developed from my initial word 'canine.' From this I looked into fox hunting and my exam piece was a combination of satire imagery, screen printing and general dressmaking. I used Barbour and Vivienne Westwood as my main inspirations for the shape and style of its garment itself; I wanted to create a dress that would be worn by the woman of the manor.
Here are some photos of my piece:

Hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend!

With thanks to my lovely model, Catherine!