Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Clichés and Cut outs

Jumpsuit with Cut Outs- ASOS

The oldest story in the book

This week's post is the classic tale of the teenage girl who spent more hours than she'd like to admit getting ready and what felt like a lifetime successfully applying false eyelashes (solo) for the very first time. But eventually, after triumphantly surviving an onslaught with DUO eyelash glue, I, like the dedicated blogger I am (hah), clambered (note. the heels) outside, fanning myself with my over packed clutch, to get a few photos snapped for the purpose of the blog. This slap dash photo shoot, which genuinely proceeded in trolley dash haste and speed, was rewarded with my hungover self confronted with a series of images which contained even more no-gos than usual. Long story short, I wanted to explain to you all why my  supposed 'outfit' post contains so little photographs of the actual outfit itself. The ASOS culotte jumpsuit (the obsession is expanding) was a purchase attempting to inject some change into my usual cocktail dress night out get up. Despite indulging my culotte adoration, the garment was, for me, a risky one with the cut out detail going strictly against my rules of  wearing anything tight or revealing around my main problem area (we all have them ey); something further illustrated by my long-term prohibition of  all things body con. Admittedly, I'm trying my hardest to refrain my sounding like some form of sob story, yet one of the main issues I've experienced with the blogosphere is the confidence and lack of shit it requires to put yourself physically on the screen, and upload outfit posts etc.  And in some cases, I've often found myself on a circular journey of post planning, photo taking, self hatred and some more post planning; probably explaining why the album of the above photos, alongside the other unmentionables, is entitled 'muffintop101'. Nonetheless I've promised myself that this time around, post hiatus, I'm going to try and post as many outfits as I can, and likewise not give a little shit about all that shite. 
I wore the jumpsuit with some extremely old, or well loved (whatever you prefer), Topshop wooden clog heels and a highly boring, yet highly practical black MNG clutch. 

Right, so long till next time, 

*walks to fridge*