Monday, 26 August 2013

Waking the Dead

Leather Kilt- Asos/ Silk Top- &OtherStories/ Black Ankle Boots- Zara/  River Hi Vamp Sandals- Topshop/ Sneakers- Zara/ Angora Jumper- Asos/ Printed Dress- Zara/ Salt & Pepper Longline Coat- Asos/ Sqaure- Cut Shirt- COS
With the summer rapidly dwindling away and sixth-form vast approaching it has suddenly occurred to me that in just over a week I'm, for the rest of my existence, going to have to find something to wear, every day, in the chaotic haven that is my wardrobe. Panicking at this I've decided that a shopping trip is an important 'back to school' necessity. As an, you may call it, avid shopper, I've learned that I cannot be trusted shopping spontaneously. For me, a shopping trip requires, like the rest of my life, strict organisation and restrictions. Dazzled by all that sparkles, far too many times have I left a shop, in which I most likely entered for a pair of jeans or a jumper, and returned with a cocktail dress and a pair of stilettos; if anyone's planning a black tie event I'm your gal! Faced with the realisation that I cannot turn up to school wearing a floor length gown and a pair of KGs I've been (attempting to anyway) planning to purchase sensible and versatile items for next year; this can be seen reflected in my most recent wish-list (excluding the Topshop Vamp Sandals!)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hide and Seek

Camo Printed Sweater- Whistles/ Printed Dress- Zara

Terrazo Printed Structured Dress- Whistles/ Camo Shirt- Asos/  Terrazo Printed Box Pleat Skirt- Whistles

It is a rare occasion indeed when I have to chew, swallow and digest my own words. Last Hitlist’ I commented on the increasing unpopularity of military colours, particularly khaki. I was wrong. This AW13 camo is making its comeback. This time however something is different; long gone are the days of the familiar and somewhat common jungle jackets, camouflage has gone ladylike and boy do I love it. This winter it’s all about camo ladylike dresses, pencil skirts or even kilts (if you’re asos anyway.) It seems that this time however it’s not just Khaki which is popular, with colour ways such as black/white, burgundy/navy, burnt orange/forest green etc. ruling the high-street, particularly through the likes of work-wear favourites, Zara and Whistles. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Jewellery Tree

Square Cut Crystal Necklace- Zara
Drop Earrings- Asos/ Necklace Charm- Vintage
Spider Neckalce- Asos/ Peacock Hair Pin- Vintage/ Chain- Asos
Jewel Necklace- Zara/ My Great Grandmother's bracelet
What was initially meant to be a quick post showing you my latest purchases and my lovely Arabella Golby style bling (can I call it that?) quickly escalated into me taking multiple photographs of my entire jewellery box, whilst using the setting of my father's garden to full advantage. Jewellery wise I'm rather indecisive; I cannot make up my mind if I should be minimalistic with my accessories or indulge myself in extremly pretty, yet highly impractical (not to mention heavy,) jewels. For now, I think I'll just continue to adorn my bedroom with such treasure. After all, diamonds (or glass whateverrr) are a girl's best friend.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

One year on

A year ago today at approximately 2 minutes past 1pm I published my very first post on StyleJam, 'Introductions.' Although I only set up this blog a year ago it was something, as I mentioned in my very first post, that I'd wanted to do for a very long time. 365 days down the line I still consider myself new to the blogging world, but I've noticed a change in myself throughout the period. As the year has progressed I have allowed myself to become more and more comfortable on here, using blogger amongst other networking sites to voice my opinions; believe it or not but it took me 2 whole hours to construct the mere few words on my very first post! I wanted to thank you all for your page views, be you a new reader or an old friend, your follows (on GFC, twitter, instagram and bloglovin,) your lovely comments and general support.

Thank you,
With massive thanks to my gorgeous twin sister, Emma