Thursday, 28 March 2013

Accessories and Stuff

IT'S EASTER! I'm yet to decide if the holiday is a good thing as the coming of Easter means hard core revision time, but it's not all bad I suppose...after all I get I lie in tomorrow.
Recently I seem to have been spoilt for chose in terms of accessories; unable to choose something small to treat myself with I've decided to make a wishlist to show you some of my favourites.

Filigree Pearl and Chain Drop Earrings- Asos/ Jewel Frame Stud Earrings- Asos
Knitted Pixel Earrings- Elinor Voytal
Stone and Chain Collar- Topshop/ Premium Jewelled Bib Necklace- Asos
Skater Rib Beanie- Topshop
Multi Jewel Drop Earrings- Asos/ Silver Satchel- The Cambridge Satchel Company

 After doing some serious internet scrolling I found these:

Festival Specs

For the price of £25 you receive these 70's style sunnies with interchangeable lenses; although round glasses have never been very suiting to my face shape I am certainly very tempted by these bad boys! Festivals here I come!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Striped Shirt/ Gold chain

Recently, managing to leave the piles of revision behind, I did a bit of retail therapy and on my travels bought the Zara Striped wrap blouse I've been lusting over. My impressions? Well it certainly isn't as easy to arrange as seen on the website and I've resorted to wearing a plain cami underneath. Teamed up with my also new, Topshop gold chain I feel a cross between a gangster and a Victorian shopkeeper; nevertheless I actually quite like the shirt. Currently I'm trying to save up for some form of black jacket to wear with it as I feel a leather jacket is not quite fitting.  On the few photographs below, was not in the photo-taking frame of mind, I've worn the look with Kate Moss Matte red lipstick (111) and curly hair- In hindsight I think next time I'll opt for straight hair and nude lips.

An unnecessary selfie
I'm afraid I think I may have contradicted myself...
On another note, I'm planning to set up a polyvore account! I used to have one years ago but I feel it's probably time just to start over; I'll keep you all updated!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

All the Shoes

It was once said that "Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short", as the week draws to a close I'm not sure whether I should be relieved for the forthcoming Summer or completely and utterly deranged over the fast approaching GCSE examinations. In some sense I feel, although this is probably heightened by the recent unnecessary snow up north, that winter has dragged its self through the last month or so and I am somewhat unprepared for the spring never mind the summer.

This week I had planned an outfit post however I'm afraid my usual, very patient photographer has went away for the weekend; Instead, as requested by a friend a  week or so ago (you know who you are) I thought I'd do a shoe post. Also, as you will begin to notice, I'm slightly obsessed with metallic footwear at the minute (someone buy me some?)

Silver Sandals- Zara/ Black Barely There Sandals- Zara
Hometown Heeled Sandal- Asos/ Leather Chelsea Boots- COS

Konnie Cut Outs- Topshop
Patent Sandals- Zara
Nude Pumps- &OtherStories/ Metallic Wedges- &OtherStories
Pristine Heel- Jeffrey Campbell
Oxford Blue Flats- Cheap Monday
 You may also remember me going on about a pair of asos Cuban heels, well I got them! I felt the fact they were in the sale a valid excuse to buy myself a pair and I must say they are really something; worth it for sure!

Anxious Western Leather Boots- Asos

  If you've read my 'Fashion Week' or 'Art GCSE Final Piece' posts you'll know about my dress and the show blah blah. Well I've got a hold of a few more photographs:

I can promise you my hips are not of this size

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

& Other Stories

 So, I won't pretend that I was even aware that brand H&M was launching a new line, but regardless of the questionable name, my discovery of '& Other Stories' was a pleasant one. The store, which opened on London's Regent Street on Friday, is also online at
I'm in love, it' like Topshop and COS had babies; I can feel the blog wishlists getting larger...
Here are my top picks from the new label:
Jaquard Skirt/ Leather Pumps- Also available in black!
Jacquard Trousers
Neoprene Clutch
Metallic Leather Skirt/ Mesh Dress
Leather Cord Belt/ Multi-Ball Earrings
Denim Biker Jacket/ Zip Collar Shirt
Devore Tshirt/ Ribcage Bangle
Seaweed Bath
The Balm Eye Makeup Remover/ Coture Carnival Bodyscrub

I basically want the entire store then!
See y'all next time