Thursday, 30 July 2015

Retried and Retested

Details-// Leather Culottes- Topshop/ White Shirt- Monki/ Denim Coat- Zara/ Platform Boots- Monki/ Cat Eye Sunglasses- Asos/ Watch- TRIWA

Out from Hibernation 

And so it's said that as hard as farewells can be, returns are infinitely worse and as I sit to write this post, I cannot but agree with such remark. Hard or not, it's happening (see, we're only two lines in and I'm already filling the blogosphere with shitty euphemisms) and StyleJam is officially back. My retirement from the world of blogging was an unconscious one, with the drudge of daily routine snatching away at my hours until what felt like a well updated blog, was transformed into an abandoned fashion wasteland. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like I didn't try, or at least didn't think about writing; in fact I still have two half written posts about fashion shows and Cruella de Vil etc, etc. Planning the posts wasn't the difficult part, I actually I had a plethora of things I wanted to share with you all; it was just the implementation that was the problem, the lack of time, and admittedly at times the lack of motivation. To say a lot has happened since November would be perhaps an understatement- there has been university developments (Kingston University Art Foundation I'll see you in September), a religious inspired fashion show collection and even a sex dungeon (artistic, I promise), I've decided, with most of my Instagram followers getting unarguably sick of the sound of the words 'fashion' and 'show' to not focus too much on my A Level collection, 'Abraham', but photos can be found on @stylepreseve. 

My love affair with the culotte is one I haven't, thankfully, been able to shake; recently purchasing a leather pair (kudos to Topshop's sale) to go alongside my very worn, Asos jersey ones. Admittedly, I must say that when you wear them for the very first time you can't help but feel to an extent clown-ish, with some of my friends readily expressing their dislike for the shorts (you know who you are!) Clown resemblance aside, I'm now a proud owner and self-confessed addict, with the purchase of some denim ones the next thing on my summer agenda. Here I'm wearing my Topshop leathers with a tucked in over-sized, white, Monki shirt, however the look would undoubtedly be more flattering with a normal length, or cropped crisp shirt. My Monki platforms are also out here, treasured so dearly that they've been worn almost to death (and I've even had two pairs). If there's anything my wardrobe doesn't need it's an addition of outerwear of any kind, yet nonetheless I just couldn't resist the beckoning call of Zara NEW IN when they released this TRF denim coat- I've got a big thing for frayed denim at the minute. I found myself feeling somewhat Matrix-esque when I wore this, I don't know why; it must have been the collarless thing. 

Right, I'm off to plan next week's post- and that's a promise
Till next time,