Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sweet Spring

Ankle Strap Sandles- Zara TRF/ Floral Printed Dress- Zara/  So Chaud Lipstick- Mac

I feel cheated. It's spring, my favourite season, and right now I should be sitting gazing out my window at the pink candyfloss like blossom trees which line my street; in reality they are bare. Although it may not feel quite like spring I am, rather disappointedly may I add, aware it is. To be honest I haven't exactly been embracing the change in season and I am still very much in my winter wardrobe. When I saw this dress on the Zara website, I'm sorry- the high street store has become a guilty pleasure of mine (as I am sure you are all well aware), I initially thought it a tad mumsy. Since then however I've become more and more in love with this garment which even makes me feel 'springy'.  Highly influenced by the outfit the model is wearing in the picture above, ideally I think this dress would look great with these, you guessed it, Zara TRF sandals, Orangey Mac Lipstick and braids. For some reason or another I can see myself wearing this at a wedding. Someone get married?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Long days, late nights

7 days. That's how late this post is, I'm sorry I've never been great at time tracking. It's weird because I'm sitting here, at my kitchen table, and I wouldn't believe you if you told me it was Saturday night already; I don't know where the past 7 days have gone. This week has been pretty monotonous to say the least. 

The metallic shoe- whatever you think of them and however controversial they may be, it cannot be denied that anyone wearing a pair will not be ignored. Personally I can't think of a better way to make a statement than with a pair of shoes and today I thought I'd show you my metallic footwear picks. Recently I've seen metallic shoes, silver in particular, popping up all over the high street and although I myself have resisted the urge to invest in a pair (they're at the top of my wishlist) I think they're really versatile and a great piece for Summer. If the thought of wearing such shoes intimidate you I recommend a more subtle pair, like these Two tone Flats. So far I think Zara hold the title for supporting the trend the most (well there's a surprise) but Asos have some nice pairs too.

Flat Lace Up Shoes- Asos/ Gold Shoes- Zara/ Townsend- Jeffrey Campbell/ Hometown- Asos/ Patent Sandals- Zara/ Pumps-AlisonsMan/ Two-tone flats- & Other Stories/ Crossover Sling Backs- Zara/ Laminated High Heels- Zara

Hope you're having a good weekend,

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Monochrome Trousers/ Zara Sandals

This week I did something very unusual. For the first time in years I did some spontaneous shopping; for me, shopping is always a very organised and planned experience. Since a disaster in the Zara changing rooms over a pair of checked cigarette pants, an experience which I do not care to relive, printed trousers and I have never been the greatest of friends. After the changing room antics I have envied anyone I've seen wearing bright, colourful fabrics in the form of trousers; so much so that I even surprised myself when I decided to order these asos checked beauties. When the trousers arrived I would be lying if I said I wasn't intimated by their bold print, which the asos photograph certainly hadn't prepared me for. After much debating I, hesitantly to say the least, decided not to take them back. Armed with the last £30 in my bank account I rushed over to Zara to see if they had anything to aid a short legged girl preparing to go out in what felt like a very outlandish pair of trousers. I bought a pair of black ankle strap sandals, which thankfully even I can walk in; although I did have to use all my willpower to avoid buying multiple pairs of metallic goodness. With the shoes, I think the trousers work (yes, even on a midget) and I teamed the look with a Topshop high neck tank (please excuse the button slip.) If you haven't noticed by now I'm also wearing Hoop earrings. There was a time in my life where hoop earrings were considered 'chavy' and although this may still be the case; I feel here they are both necessary and acceptable.

Can you tell which ones were taken on my iphone?!
On another note, I have a favour to ask you all. No, don't worry it won't take you long. I decided, as it seems I haven't before, to mention my bloglovin account. I would really appreciate it if any of my current followers, or anyone who likes this post, would follow me on bloglovin (I've heard rumours they're getting rid of the GFC)

Thank you!
Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll see you week, just before the dreaded art exam (save me!)