Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fight or Flight?

'Fashion has dictated feathers high in the pecking order for autumn, but can plumage translate from catwalk to high street?'- The Telegraph

Ok, so it may not be the most practical of fashion trends, or the most washing machine friendly to say the least, but I for one cannot think of anything more glamorous than the noble bird feather. I have, over the past few weeks, found myself somewhat reluctant to invest in the trend, allowing all, or what little sensibleness I have, dictate my wardrobe. So I ask, when did fashion, and I mean our fashion, our domesticated day- to-day life fashion, get so boring? That's the thing about feathers, they're impractical. They're in your face, appealing to all aspects of romanticism. Loud and extrovert, they epitomise fun fashion. Maybe feathers aren't something you venture to your local Asda in and they're certainly not weather friendly- but they're dangerous, it's a trend screaming out to our inner SJPs, our inner Cher's from 'Clueless.' This time, with Santa's cooperation, I'm just going to do it. So what will you do? Will you fight, or will you flight?

  .High Street Edit.

Marabou Feather Bag- Topshop/ Ruffle Feather Sandals- Topshop
Suede Sandals- & Other Stories/ Tseri Feather Trim Dress- LK Bennett
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 * Thought I'd finish with a few snaps from Lumiere at the weekend-