Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Clichés and Cut outs

Jumpsuit with Cut Outs- ASOS

The oldest story in the book

This week's post is the classic tale of the teenage girl who spent more hours than she'd like to admit getting ready and what felt like a lifetime successfully applying false eyelashes (solo) for the very first time. But eventually, after triumphantly surviving an onslaught with DUO eyelash glue, I, like the dedicated blogger I am (hah), clambered (note. the heels) outside, fanning myself with my over packed clutch, to get a few photos snapped for the purpose of the blog. This slap dash photo shoot, which genuinely proceeded in trolley dash haste and speed, was rewarded with my hungover self confronted with a series of images which contained even more no-gos than usual. Long story short, I wanted to explain to you all why my  supposed 'outfit' post contains so little photographs of the actual outfit itself. The ASOS culotte jumpsuit (the obsession is expanding) was a purchase attempting to inject some change into my usual cocktail dress night out get up. Despite indulging my culotte adoration, the garment was, for me, a risky one with the cut out detail going strictly against my rules of  wearing anything tight or revealing around my main problem area (we all have them ey); something further illustrated by my long-term prohibition of  all things body con. Admittedly, I'm trying my hardest to refrain my sounding like some form of sob story, yet one of the main issues I've experienced with the blogosphere is the confidence and lack of shit it requires to put yourself physically on the screen, and upload outfit posts etc.  And in some cases, I've often found myself on a circular journey of post planning, photo taking, self hatred and some more post planning; probably explaining why the album of the above photos, alongside the other unmentionables, is entitled 'muffintop101'. Nonetheless I've promised myself that this time around, post hiatus, I'm going to try and post as many outfits as I can, and likewise not give a little shit about all that shite. 
I wore the jumpsuit with some extremely old, or well loved (whatever you prefer), Topshop wooden clog heels and a highly boring, yet highly practical black MNG clutch. 

Right, so long till next time, 

*walks to fridge*

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Retried and Retested

Details-// Leather Culottes- Topshop/ White Shirt- Monki/ Denim Coat- Zara/ Platform Boots- Monki/ Cat Eye Sunglasses- Asos/ Watch- TRIWA

Out from Hibernation 

And so it's said that as hard as farewells can be, returns are infinitely worse and as I sit to write this post, I cannot but agree with such remark. Hard or not, it's happening (see, we're only two lines in and I'm already filling the blogosphere with shitty euphemisms) and StyleJam is officially back. My retirement from the world of blogging was an unconscious one, with the drudge of daily routine snatching away at my hours until what felt like a well updated blog, was transformed into an abandoned fashion wasteland. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like I didn't try, or at least didn't think about writing; in fact I still have two half written posts about fashion shows and Cruella de Vil etc, etc. Planning the posts wasn't the difficult part, I actually I had a plethora of things I wanted to share with you all; it was just the implementation that was the problem, the lack of time, and admittedly at times the lack of motivation. To say a lot has happened since November would be perhaps an understatement- there has been university developments (Kingston University Art Foundation I'll see you in September), a religious inspired fashion show collection and even a sex dungeon (artistic, I promise), I've decided, with most of my Instagram followers getting unarguably sick of the sound of the words 'fashion' and 'show' to not focus too much on my A Level collection, 'Abraham', but photos can be found on @stylepreseve. 

My love affair with the culotte is one I haven't, thankfully, been able to shake; recently purchasing a leather pair (kudos to Topshop's sale) to go alongside my very worn, Asos jersey ones. Admittedly, I must say that when you wear them for the very first time you can't help but feel to an extent clown-ish, with some of my friends readily expressing their dislike for the shorts (you know who you are!) Clown resemblance aside, I'm now a proud owner and self-confessed addict, with the purchase of some denim ones the next thing on my summer agenda. Here I'm wearing my Topshop leathers with a tucked in over-sized, white, Monki shirt, however the look would undoubtedly be more flattering with a normal length, or cropped crisp shirt. My Monki platforms are also out here, treasured so dearly that they've been worn almost to death (and I've even had two pairs). If there's anything my wardrobe doesn't need it's an addition of outerwear of any kind, yet nonetheless I just couldn't resist the beckoning call of Zara NEW IN when they released this TRF denim coat- I've got a big thing for frayed denim at the minute. I found myself feeling somewhat Matrix-esque when I wore this, I don't know why; it must have been the collarless thing. 

Right, I'm off to plan next week's post- and that's a promise
Till next time,

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Long Road Ahead

The long road ahead
6574 days

[Better a month late than never...]

So it happened, I've finally reached the age of legality, a good 9,466,560 minutes (or 6574 days) after taking my first ever breath at 10:19, on the 16th October 1996. I should most likely change the I to a 'we' here, emphasizing the role of my companion of the past 18 years, my extremely patient, and not to mention doting twin sister. I won't lie to you and pretend that the sudden entrance into supposed adulthood has also seen a sudden growth in wisdom; for I feel just as foolish as I did the day before I guarantee you.

The day,  (very fortunately,) was extended into an almost week long celebration, with a (joint of course) 18th bash ending the 7 day party. Finding 'the dress' was no easy operation (no surprises there.) Actually, scratch that, it was an easy find; an in your face, theatrical marabou sort of affair. Anyone who follows my stylepreserve instagram will know what I'm getting at. Yes, yes, the highly sought after (and not to mention highly sold out) Kate Moss Limited Edition for Topshop off the shoulder feather dress. So whilst finding the outfit was considerably easy (a it's that or nothing sort of situation) accquring it was a different story entirely. Following multiple Ebay orders (damn you KM sizing) and a trip to the dressmakers, I had it- the dress of my dreams [insert insane price tag here] Spending my birthday money before I even had it, in a typical Sarah Curran fashion, I decided to get my make up done at Mac and YSL, allowing my face to be probed by foreign brushes and powders for the very first time; apparently booking a full face make over at Mac is easier said than done. Despite having only the whole day to get ready and prepared I still managed, in again, typical Sarah Curran fashion, to the be that girl, the last one frantically crawling into the taxi, praying to God she'll be able to at least fake a walk in her stilettos when she gets out. With this, spending a ridiculous amount of money getting myself ready, I still didn't manage to get a full outfit photo (or at least not one blog-worthy anyway- unless drunk late night shenanigans count?) and refuse to take more, afraid I'll taint my perception of my image on the night (no laughing!) I've included a few of the more decent/ not completely humiliating photographs of the evening- you can just about make out my Asos Heeled Sandals and Zara Croc box clutch in some of them...

I'm off to go and buy a bottle of Pino Gritio, or do whatever else it is that 'proper' grown ups do,

Till next time,

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Spring/Summer 15

Generic blogger FW post x1000
Yes. It's that time of year again (or so it was until 4 days ago anyway) where you I, fall asleep every night clutching Vogue's never-ending features on the fashion world's latest and the spend the days living in-between the phone alarms, alerting me to the beginning of Erdem's botanical fananza etc. Above, after facing much inner turmoil, struggling to decide which designers to include (Dior, Erdem, Celine and House of Holland- no brainer, nearly made the shortlist...) I've compiled a few of what I consider notable collections this season. Firstly we have Alexander McQueen, that should be enough really. McQueen's powerful and very much refreshing Spring Summer Collection (Paris Fashion Week) is something in-between oriental and space alien/ astronaut; or Samurai Warrior- Geisha Girl as Vogue seemed to put it. The models were cloaked in a palette of red, black and blossom pink with enlarged floral prints contrasting the stiff lantern sleeves, aggressive hairstyles and angular (not to mention at times scary) black masques. Then there's Christopher Kane (a collection dedicated to his late mentor Louise Wilson OBE), taking London by storm mid-September with his use of cord, rope and coils embroidered and threaded through/ onto his dresses. The SS collection also featured a series of silk dresses, bursting with tulle, something duped by Kane himself as the 'controlled explosion dresses.' Westwood's (unsurprisingly eccentric) collection was rife with historical references (something which undoubtedly enhanced my love; with Dior also taking nod to history the day before) and, as expected, costume drama. Only Queen Vivienne could pull of a collection featuring upturned picnic basket hats (yes, really) and Eve (of Adam and), Little Bo Peep, Snow White, amongst various other mystical characters were also present in her latest designs.
Dolce & Gabbana, a brand which promises two things (and never fails to bring them); opulence and attention to detail. The design duo's collection, showcased in Milan, 'cited the Spanish
influence on Sicily between 1516 and 1713', with evident references to flamenco dresses and bull-fighting costumes. The garments, all centred around a black/ white/ red colour palette, were ladened with embellishment (no surprises there), fringing, lace, polka dot and floral prints; whilst models wore their hair in severe buns, adorned with carnations. One outfit which did particularly strike me, was their heavily embellished gold basque/ corset, gold crown/ carnation duo (see far right); something which almost immediately, and somewhat unfortunately, reminded me of something in-between Beyonce's World Tour Advert and Geordie Shore's most recent 'Queen Vicky' ad- no offence to Bey of course. The collection came to a close with a parade of models, dressed in crisp white shirts and high-waisted, again heavily embellished, red shorts; a beholding finish to Milan's Fashion Week. So there we go, another fashion week I have not attended, and a another week of crashing my computer over the Vogue website; time to pretend/ lust over/ sulk over the clothes I'll never be able to afford (sell my right arm?)
Till next time, 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Brand New Discoveries

Nico Cut Out Mid Dress/ Cross Flower Blouse/ Candy Stripe Top/ Candy Stripe Skirt
Wien Stripe Trousers/ Text Trousers/ White Lyon LS Top/ Lingo Bracelet/ Fine Blouse
Gold Dolce Lace Crown/ Silver Octavia Stud Ring/ Gabrielle Vintage Baroque Cross Earring/ Pixie Lott Lauren Rhinestone Choker Necklace

Brand new discoveries
I am an addict. 

I am an addict, switch off Mozilla and shut down the app, I'm officially hooked; psychologically dependant and completely and utterly (hopelessly, even) infatuated with the mystical world of e-commerce. My ASOS addiction (the first step's acceptance, right?) began, as many of you may be aware, a long time ago; with expansive wish-lists and lusty musings plaguing StyleJam ever since. Facing this realisation I decided it was time for change, for a refreshing incision of variety; despite not promising to actually give up my favourite fashion site anytime soon. Above I have compiled 3 collages of my favourite/ most longed after products from some new brands I have discovered; 'Sister Jane', 'Weekday' and 'Rock N Rose'. I know what you're thinking. I cannot fake ignorance. Any avid ASOS shopper, like myself, only has to quickly glance at the above three to realise that these brands are in actual fact available on ASOS themselves. Call me a cheater but I promise, swear to God even, that initially upon my discovering them, these brands were not available through ASOS. Firstly there's Sister Jane, a cutesy (yet undoubtedly eccentric), vintage inspired brand, selling some killer co-ords; their 60's style 'Nico Cut-Out Midi Dress' is particular favourite. Then there's Weekday; think an amalgamation between COS and Monki, with a modest price tag (excluding its Cheap Monday stock- duh!) Despite being stocked on ASOS, their website is well worth a check, with extensive jersey staples and effortless silhouettes. Although when it comes to jewellery I'm usually minimalistic (watch, studs, studs, watch etc...) Rock N Rose's crucifix earrings have been a natural exception to the rule, whilst their selection of lace crowns had me reminiscing over Dolce and Gabbana's opulent (and highly memorable) AW13 collection.
Upon writing this post I did face some inner turmoil regarding the inclusion of Marks & Spencer; ok, ok, I know, no I am not alien to one of the largest brands known to man (and to OAPS...) It's use here, was not ever to be considered as a new brand, but perhaps as a face-lifted, and somewhat revitalised old one. Ever since the unforgettable pink coat phenomena of year god-knows-what, M&S has had a refreshed position in High Street fashion; becoming increasingly, more and more popular with younger audiences and boasting a greater selection of on trend pieces. My mind was quickly altered however once I began to properly consider the store's position as a brand. Has Marks and Spencer's been reinvented? The answer: no, but unmistakably a change has occurred, and suddenly the shop commonly associated with our grandmas, is finding its garments in our wardrobes too. Its values and morals as a company remain completely (almost) identical to those of 5 years ago, yet more urban. The question is this, are we just becoming more and more (contradictory to the renewal of skateboards and 90s throwbacks) mature in our fashion decisions?

See you soon (I promise) for a typical, generic and highly expected post on fashion week,
Till then, 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Can you Can you Forgive me

Shift Dress in Organza- Asos Salon/ Silk Shirt with Organza Hem- COS/ Organza Blouse- Asos/ Sheer Organza Panel Dress- Eleven Paris/ Organza Sequin Oversize Dress- Asos Salon

Can You Can You Forgive Me
So it's done, it's happened. Just pack my bags and send me straight to Lucifer for I have sinned; a prime example of the tempted, perhaps a mere victim, conforming to the horrors of referring to a song lyric on social media. Though it's not all bad, after all using PJ Harvey to excuse my prolonged absence from the blogging scene is as about good as it gets. The past two months have consisted of what appeared to be, at the time, a never ending series of exams, art work, biscuit eating etc. ( to an extent whereby if I pass McVitie's deserve a Thank You card!) The consequence of the extensive chocolate consuming, an action supposedly synonymous with not failing exams (praying), sees that I may be perhaps forced into delaying any possible outfit posts for the next few weeks whilst I drag myself and my thighs to the gym. Recently, despite previous distaste, I've found myself developing a love for organza; a fabric unmistakably everywhere this season. It appears to be following two main paths, the first a lady like Asos Salon sort of route, where it's used as an overlay etc. and the second, a modern grunge approach- think Phoebe Lettice and slogan tees. Either way, I'm hooked...and penniless. No change there I guess (gerrit?!)
Till the next time,


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tales of Old

Longline Blazer- Asos/ Neoprene Biker Jacket- Pippa Lynn/ Oversized Poplin Shirt- Zara/ Printed Dress- Zara/ Cotton Midi Dress- & Other Stories/ Culottes- Topshop/ Sandals with Buckle- Zara

Spring has sprung
Oh, who am I kidding?! I could lie to you and pretend I'm currently sitting outside, amongst the blossom, reciting Wordsworth, but I'm not; I'm in the dark, sulking at an army of bare trees, wrapped in thermals and pondering, as I have been for days, the notion that staring at my history textbook will somehow constitute effective revision (-it's got to that stage in the year again.) No, no, I refuse to believe it, Equinox or not (impressive accidental rhyme for you there...) it certainly cannot be spring...right? With this, the favourite of my seasons (no, I'm serious), comes the annual and highly anticipated horror of transitional dressing; a feat when you struggle to appropriately clothe yourself on a daily basis. This month's Wishlist (notice the sudden incision of colour- singular) mainly consists of hopeful/ faded desires with the doubtful expectation that it will become suddenly socially acceptable to venture outdoors, in the rain, in culottes or linen. I must mention that since compiling this list and publishing this post, I've actually purchased two of the 'necessities' shown above; perhaps the first ever example of a successful Wishlist. The Zara Printed Dress felt like a justified alternative over the jersey basics I so desperately require (I mean £25.99 TRF bargain, c'mon) and the ASOS Longline Blazer, or 'dressing gown' as branded by few brutal friends, is already a much loved survivor of an onslaught with some white oil paint -classic.
Hurrah for 'Spring',

Hope you've missed me, 

*currently googling for credible dances to make my trees blossom. help.