Sunday, 5 October 2014

Spring/Summer 15

Generic blogger FW post x1000
Yes. It's that time of year again (or so it was until 4 days ago anyway) where you I, fall asleep every night clutching Vogue's never-ending features on the fashion world's latest and the spend the days living in-between the phone alarms, alerting me to the beginning of Erdem's botanical fananza etc. Above, after facing much inner turmoil, struggling to decide which designers to include (Dior, Erdem, Celine and House of Holland- no brainer, nearly made the shortlist...) I've compiled a few of what I consider notable collections this season. Firstly we have Alexander McQueen, that should be enough really. McQueen's powerful and very much refreshing Spring Summer Collection (Paris Fashion Week) is something in-between oriental and space alien/ astronaut; or Samurai Warrior- Geisha Girl as Vogue seemed to put it. The models were cloaked in a palette of red, black and blossom pink with enlarged floral prints contrasting the stiff lantern sleeves, aggressive hairstyles and angular (not to mention at times scary) black masques. Then there's Christopher Kane (a collection dedicated to his late mentor Louise Wilson OBE), taking London by storm mid-September with his use of cord, rope and coils embroidered and threaded through/ onto his dresses. The SS collection also featured a series of silk dresses, bursting with tulle, something duped by Kane himself as the 'controlled explosion dresses.' Westwood's (unsurprisingly eccentric) collection was rife with historical references (something which undoubtedly enhanced my love; with Dior also taking nod to history the day before) and, as expected, costume drama. Only Queen Vivienne could pull of a collection featuring upturned picnic basket hats (yes, really) and Eve (of Adam and), Little Bo Peep, Snow White, amongst various other mystical characters were also present in her latest designs.
Dolce & Gabbana, a brand which promises two things (and never fails to bring them); opulence and attention to detail. The design duo's collection, showcased in Milan, 'cited the Spanish
influence on Sicily between 1516 and 1713', with evident references to flamenco dresses and bull-fighting costumes. The garments, all centred around a black/ white/ red colour palette, were ladened with embellishment (no surprises there), fringing, lace, polka dot and floral prints; whilst models wore their hair in severe buns, adorned with carnations. One outfit which did particularly strike me, was their heavily embellished gold basque/ corset, gold crown/ carnation duo (see far right); something which almost immediately, and somewhat unfortunately, reminded me of something in-between Beyonce's World Tour Advert and Geordie Shore's most recent 'Queen Vicky' ad- no offence to Bey of course. The collection came to a close with a parade of models, dressed in crisp white shirts and high-waisted, again heavily embellished, red shorts; a beholding finish to Milan's Fashion Week. So there we go, another fashion week I have not attended, and a another week of crashing my computer over the Vogue website; time to pretend/ lust over/ sulk over the clothes I'll never be able to afford (sell my right arm?)
Till next time,