Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tales of Old

Longline Blazer- Asos/ Neoprene Biker Jacket- Pippa Lynn/ Oversized Poplin Shirt- Zara/ Printed Dress- Zara/ Cotton Midi Dress- & Other Stories/ Culottes- Topshop/ Sandals with Buckle- Zara

Spring has sprung
Oh, who am I kidding?! I could lie to you and pretend I'm currently sitting outside, amongst the blossom, reciting Wordsworth, but I'm not; I'm in the dark, sulking at an army of bare trees, wrapped in thermals and pondering, as I have been for days, the notion that staring at my history textbook will somehow constitute effective revision (-it's got to that stage in the year again.) No, no, I refuse to believe it, Equinox or not (impressive accidental rhyme for you there...) it certainly cannot be spring...right? With this, the favourite of my seasons (no, I'm serious), comes the annual and highly anticipated horror of transitional dressing; a feat when you struggle to appropriately clothe yourself on a daily basis. This month's Wishlist (notice the sudden incision of colour- singular) mainly consists of hopeful/ faded desires with the doubtful expectation that it will become suddenly socially acceptable to venture outdoors, in the rain, in culottes or linen. I must mention that since compiling this list and publishing this post, I've actually purchased two of the 'necessities' shown above; perhaps the first ever example of a successful Wishlist. The Zara Printed Dress felt like a justified alternative over the jersey basics I so desperately require (I mean £25.99 TRF bargain, c'mon) and the ASOS Longline Blazer, or 'dressing gown' as branded by few brutal friends, is already a much loved survivor of an onslaught with some white oil paint -classic.
Hurrah for 'Spring',

Hope you've missed me, 

*currently googling for credible dances to make my trees blossom. help.