Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Long Road Ahead

The long road ahead
6574 days

[Better a month late than never...]

So it happened, I've finally reached the age of legality, a good 9,466,560 minutes (or 6574 days) after taking my first ever breath at 10:19, on the 16th October 1996. I should most likely change the I to a 'we' here, emphasizing the role of my companion of the past 18 years, my extremely patient, and not to mention doting twin sister. I won't lie to you and pretend that the sudden entrance into supposed adulthood has also seen a sudden growth in wisdom; for I feel just as foolish as I did the day before I guarantee you.

The day,  (very fortunately,) was extended into an almost week long celebration, with a (joint of course) 18th bash ending the 7 day party. Finding 'the dress' was no easy operation (no surprises there.) Actually, scratch that, it was an easy find; an in your face, theatrical marabou sort of affair. Anyone who follows my stylepreserve instagram will know what I'm getting at. Yes, yes, the highly sought after (and not to mention highly sold out) Kate Moss Limited Edition for Topshop off the shoulder feather dress. So whilst finding the outfit was considerably easy (a it's that or nothing sort of situation) accquring it was a different story entirely. Following multiple Ebay orders (damn you KM sizing) and a trip to the dressmakers, I had it- the dress of my dreams [insert insane price tag here] Spending my birthday money before I even had it, in a typical Sarah Curran fashion, I decided to get my make up done at Mac and YSL, allowing my face to be probed by foreign brushes and powders for the very first time; apparently booking a full face make over at Mac is easier said than done. Despite having only the whole day to get ready and prepared I still managed, in again, typical Sarah Curran fashion, to the be that girl, the last one frantically crawling into the taxi, praying to God she'll be able to at least fake a walk in her stilettos when she gets out. With this, spending a ridiculous amount of money getting myself ready, I still didn't manage to get a full outfit photo (or at least not one blog-worthy anyway- unless drunk late night shenanigans count?) and refuse to take more, afraid I'll taint my perception of my image on the night (no laughing!) I've included a few of the more decent/ not completely humiliating photographs of the evening- you can just about make out my Asos Heeled Sandals and Zara Croc box clutch in some of them...

I'm off to go and buy a bottle of Pino Gritio, or do whatever else it is that 'proper' grown ups do,

Till next time,