Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wishful Thinking

Front Zip Shirt- COS/ Leather Moccasins with Chains- Zara/ Printed Mermaid Skirt- Zara/ Gold Plated 'Fly Away' Mini Drop Earrings- Asos & Wear That There/ Premium Shamen Mix Print Mini Dress- Asos/ Peplum Hem Pencil Skirt- Asos/ Premium Sheer Stripe Crop Jumper- Asos/ Block-Coloured Shirt Dress- COS/ Leather Pephem Skirt- Asos/ Gold Plated 'Today Tomorrow Whenever' Bracelet- Asos & Wear That There/ Premium Top with Buckle Detail- Asos

 It's reached that devastatingly crucial part of the year (if we're in it enough to call it that) where I, and hopefully I not alone, have fritted any finance the long-gone festivities may have brought. As a direct consequence I've had to resort to extreme window shopping, and, despite the temptation to rebel, face the realisation that my bank balance and this seasons 'must haves', will not be seeing eye to eye anytime soon. Despair aside, and after refraining myself from beginning this week's post with the greeting 'Yo Bitchez', I decided to compile a relatively short (if you'd only seen the extent of the initial...) wishlist. Any avid and weekly reader may have noticed the stark difference between this list and my previous; there's no such thing as too much picmonkey experimentation! Regardless of my resounding love for 'Arabella style bling' I've found myself quite recently, becoming increasingly infatuated with minimalistic jewellery. Unsurprisingly (I'm sure you're all well aware of my Asos obsession by now) I've found myself in what I can only describe as a 'I want, I need, I must have' sort out state with Asos' and Wear That There's jewellery collaboration (pure genius if you ask me.) Pardoning the unforgiving £65 price tag, the 'Today Tomorrow Whenever' bracelet has particularly caught my attention; apparently my recent possession of a watch has transformed my previous dislike for wrist accessories. I have also noticed that this wishlist features something else that differentiates it from the rest- colour. It appears that with 2014, my love for all things monochrome has begun to fade, leaving me with a somewhat eclectic mix of fabric desires. Hurrah.

Till next time,

Ps: I'm almost ashamed by the amount of Asos featured in this post (I should be their chief advertiser I swear): I may even have to make a resolution to go cold turkey for a while.

Monday, 13 January 2014

The Extremes

 So after three weeks of thinking I'd lost £65 to Asos when my return got lost (and with it being me, I'd lost my proof of postage) I was delighted, to say the least, when they did, eventually, receive it and my exchange was on its way. I've decided to go all Camilla Ackley on your arses and ordered myself this 'Extreme' Asos Smock to wear day-to-day. The smock, which has reaffirmed my monochrome obsession, has been my post-Christmas saviour; its extreme oversized fitting (so much so that I had to re-purchase it in the size below) is welcomed over my ever-so-tightening Topshop Leighs. For all of you beady eyed 'Into the Fold' fans, you may have noticed that we both appear to have the same Asos Longline Salt and Pepper Coat and today on her Instagram I also spotted her in my new Zara TRF cape- the theory 'great minds think alike' springs to mind...

  PS: Pardon the quality/ quantity this week's of photographs- it was very dark when they were taken and I've been unable to find the time to do them again.

what i wore

            Extreme Jacquard Smock-Asos/ Phelvin Boots- Topshop/ Longline Salt & Pepper Coat- Asos/ Ebony Twist Brasco Chrono Watch- TRIWA

Thursday, 2 January 2014


Happy New Year! I honestly cannot believe it's a new year and I still haven't even wished you all a Merry Christmas yet! Despite every single shop on the face of the earth advertising NYE dresses, I managed to resist and spent the night in, cloaked in a onesie and drinking Prosecco out the bottle. I'm currently wrestling with, or whatever pitiful amount I have left, of my Christmas money- I didn't even attempt to save it again this year. I face the same ultimatum, however, I do whenever I have spare change; do I purchase something practical, something that will be wearable with a top or a pair of heels I already possess, or do I buy something which goes with not one single item in my wardrobe? I usually opt for the latter and leave the house, clothes resembling Bridget Jones on a bad day (not that I could ever condemn the fictional character...) Amongst my sale shopping I'm trying to predict the upcoming trends of 2014, snakeskin and gingham are a good bet, but I wouldn't hold me to anything. Since an outfit post is completely out the question for the next week or so, apparently I resemble more of a Christmas pudding than a human being this precise moment, I thought I'd leave you all with a collage of festivities and gifts.