Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Festive Edit

As I write this I am facing a stark reality; Christmas is in 7, yes 7 , days and I would be lying to you if I told you I was, like usual, organised this year. With the tree still absent from the household and not a single Christmas present purchased or planned, it's safe to say I'm panicking. Festive anxiety aside, I have been eyeing up this year's Christmas jumpers (apparently I'm still the only one without one.) The biggest question, however, is it too late to buy one after Christmas?  Is it 'fashion suicide' and/or the essence of all things frugal to be caught wearing one following the festive season? For the moment I don't think I can justify joining the 'clan' whilst my already pitiful bank balance screams the names of all my necessary gift recipients- Christmas is about giving after all...
Regardless, I've compiled an edit of my favourites (you know just in case anyone's feeling generous) so, knock yourself out.

Fairisle Jumper- Fred Perry/  Chelsea Girl Cracker Jumper- River Island
Vintage Renewal Sequin Bells Jumper- UO/ Christmas Snowflake Cardigan- Dusty & Dylan
Abbingdon Crew- Jack Wills/ Jacquard Sweater- Zara/ Kemplay Crew- Jack Wills
Ugly Sweatshirt- Zazzle/ My Bells Jumper- River Island

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

*Ps: I couldn't help but notice the controversially increasing number of rude/ inappropriate Christmas Jumpers this year- I am a fan.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fight or Flight?

'Fashion has dictated feathers high in the pecking order for autumn, but can plumage translate from catwalk to high street?'- The Telegraph

Ok, so it may not be the most practical of fashion trends, or the most washing machine friendly to say the least, but I for one cannot think of anything more glamorous than the noble bird feather. I have, over the past few weeks, found myself somewhat reluctant to invest in the trend, allowing all, or what little sensibleness I have, dictate my wardrobe. So I ask, when did fashion, and I mean our fashion, our domesticated day- to-day life fashion, get so boring? That's the thing about feathers, they're impractical. They're in your face, appealing to all aspects of romanticism. Loud and extrovert, they epitomise fun fashion. Maybe feathers aren't something you venture to your local Asda in and they're certainly not weather friendly- but they're dangerous, it's a trend screaming out to our inner SJPs, our inner Cher's from 'Clueless.' This time, with Santa's cooperation, I'm just going to do it. So what will you do? Will you fight, or will you flight?

  .High Street Edit.

Marabou Feather Bag- Topshop/ Ruffle Feather Sandals- Topshop
Suede Sandals- & Other Stories/ Tseri Feather Trim Dress- LK Bennett
Thanks for reading,

 * Thought I'd finish with a few snaps from Lumiere at the weekend-

Monday, 28 October 2013

Fashionably Late?

'I'm fashionably late', is that a legit enough excuse this time?- the phrase 'Better late than never' also springs to mind. Okkkk, so it's been a month, 4 weeks, 28 days (there was some extremly complicated arithmetic going on there) and there has been, relatively, quite a lot of stuff going on. For one, I was 17 on the 16th; here, I may as well also warn you all that I will be receiving my first driving lesson this Saturday. In addition to my lessons this year, amongst other things, I received the Michael Agwunobi 'Celine up the Bitches' tee I've been lusting after for ages. This year definitely surpassed the prior, perhaps due to GBBO fever, baked good wise; I'd be lying if I said my Topshop Leigh's zipped up as easily as usual right now. The past few months have been a little bit strange, and it may be the 17 year old wisdom talking, but I'm fairly sure that this is all happening far too fast. I mean, I can't even remember the conventions of blogging. Do I thank you now, or later...? To say I'm glad its half term would be an understatement and I intend to spend the following week sleeping, consuming an offensive amount of ice cream and pretending to work. In amidst of these plans I will, as is expected of one's self after such an occasion, be spending all of my birthday money, on things which could not necessarily be considered essential or practical. Here's list of few things I'm contemplating purchasing, let me know what you think: 

Drape Neck Top- Asos/ Knitted Pullover- & Other Stories
Faux Fur Pullover- & Other Stories/ Wide Turtle Neck Jersey- Zara
Roshe Run Suede- Nike/ Textured Pleat Midi Skirt- Topshop
17th Birthday Celebrations
See you all soon, I promise

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Urban Conflict

I'll admit, this is the second time I've wrote this post. I knew on second glance that a whole paragraph relating to the weather caused for a rather drastic course of action. With LFW been and gone, along with various other events, I feel like I should have more to write about. I don't. The truth is the past 2 weeks have consisted of, what is slowly turning into, a very monotonous routine; up, out, sixth-form, home, work, bed. My daily procedures were, rather welcomingly at that, interrupted one day last week for a trip to London's Globe to watch 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. The play in its self was extremly entertaining, particularly a very 'pleasing' King of the fairies (a high point I must admit.) I went to capital clothed in some of my very latest A/W purchases, including my Asos Longline coat (a victim of many a wishlist). Initially I was quite wary of the coat, scared that its length might allow direct comparisons between myself and John from 'The Breakfast Club'. Luckily, no one has spotted the similarity and the coat has quickly turned into an everyday essential (often even paired up with a removable faux fur collar). The Zara camo dress, my controversial dress, has also made its way into my top purchases. The thing I love most about this dress is that it always stirs conversation (urban conflict, getttiitt?!), not that I usually condone peacocking of any kind (street stylers I'm talking to you!) Camo aside, I think I'm slowly falling in love with snakeskin; be it a good thing I am not entirely sure. If I start to resemble Tarzan let me know, yeah.

What I wore:

Ps: So sorry for the ridiculous amount of photographs. My indecisiveness is one of my greater qualities...

This post is dedicated to my little English 'crew' (pardon me) and to this really weird girl (it's her birthday or something...)

Sunday, 15 September 2013


So it's that time of the year again, fashion week, and the past 3 days of my life have consisted of many many hours lusting over my computer screen, reading hundreds and thousands of fashion columns and  eating peanut butter of the spoon, followed by, of course, brief periods of self-loathing. I'm kidding, sort of. I feel here it's appropriate to note a quick apology for my
disappearance over the past 2 weeks; it appears that 2 Art AS levels have taken more time out of my existence than expected. Currently I'm sitting in my studio (a summer of building work apparently well spent)  surrounded by masses of paper, paint pots and numerous lists of what I have to get done tonight. Consequently I'm going to make this one quick, but I shouldn't worry a mid-week blog post is already in the making. Antipodium SS14 and as per usual House Of Holland, seem to be particularly catching my eye at the moment.

Till then,

Ps: Christopher Kane tomorrow!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Waking the Dead

Leather Kilt- Asos/ Silk Top- &OtherStories/ Black Ankle Boots- Zara/  River Hi Vamp Sandals- Topshop/ Sneakers- Zara/ Angora Jumper- Asos/ Printed Dress- Zara/ Salt & Pepper Longline Coat- Asos/ Sqaure- Cut Shirt- COS
With the summer rapidly dwindling away and sixth-form vast approaching it has suddenly occurred to me that in just over a week I'm, for the rest of my existence, going to have to find something to wear, every day, in the chaotic haven that is my wardrobe. Panicking at this I've decided that a shopping trip is an important 'back to school' necessity. As an, you may call it, avid shopper, I've learned that I cannot be trusted shopping spontaneously. For me, a shopping trip requires, like the rest of my life, strict organisation and restrictions. Dazzled by all that sparkles, far too many times have I left a shop, in which I most likely entered for a pair of jeans or a jumper, and returned with a cocktail dress and a pair of stilettos; if anyone's planning a black tie event I'm your gal! Faced with the realisation that I cannot turn up to school wearing a floor length gown and a pair of KGs I've been (attempting to anyway) planning to purchase sensible and versatile items for next year; this can be seen reflected in my most recent wish-list (excluding the Topshop Vamp Sandals!)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hide and Seek

Camo Printed Sweater- Whistles/ Printed Dress- Zara

Terrazo Printed Structured Dress- Whistles/ Camo Shirt- Asos/  Terrazo Printed Box Pleat Skirt- Whistles

It is a rare occasion indeed when I have to chew, swallow and digest my own words. Last Hitlist’ I commented on the increasing unpopularity of military colours, particularly khaki. I was wrong. This AW13 camo is making its comeback. This time however something is different; long gone are the days of the familiar and somewhat common jungle jackets, camouflage has gone ladylike and boy do I love it. This winter it’s all about camo ladylike dresses, pencil skirts or even kilts (if you’re asos anyway.) It seems that this time however it’s not just Khaki which is popular, with colour ways such as black/white, burgundy/navy, burnt orange/forest green etc. ruling the high-street, particularly through the likes of work-wear favourites, Zara and Whistles. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Jewellery Tree

Square Cut Crystal Necklace- Zara
Drop Earrings- Asos/ Necklace Charm- Vintage
Spider Neckalce- Asos/ Peacock Hair Pin- Vintage/ Chain- Asos
Jewel Necklace- Zara/ My Great Grandmother's bracelet
What was initially meant to be a quick post showing you my latest purchases and my lovely Arabella Golby style bling (can I call it that?) quickly escalated into me taking multiple photographs of my entire jewellery box, whilst using the setting of my father's garden to full advantage. Jewellery wise I'm rather indecisive; I cannot make up my mind if I should be minimalistic with my accessories or indulge myself in extremly pretty, yet highly impractical (not to mention heavy,) jewels. For now, I think I'll just continue to adorn my bedroom with such treasure. After all, diamonds (or glass whateverrr) are a girl's best friend.