Saturday, 27 September 2014

Brand New Discoveries

Nico Cut Out Mid Dress/ Cross Flower Blouse/ Candy Stripe Top/ Candy Stripe Skirt
Wien Stripe Trousers/ Text Trousers/ White Lyon LS Top/ Lingo Bracelet/ Fine Blouse
Gold Dolce Lace Crown/ Silver Octavia Stud Ring/ Gabrielle Vintage Baroque Cross Earring/ Pixie Lott Lauren Rhinestone Choker Necklace

Brand new discoveries
I am an addict. 

I am an addict, switch off Mozilla and shut down the app, I'm officially hooked; psychologically dependant and completely and utterly (hopelessly, even) infatuated with the mystical world of e-commerce. My ASOS addiction (the first step's acceptance, right?) began, as many of you may be aware, a long time ago; with expansive wish-lists and lusty musings plaguing StyleJam ever since. Facing this realisation I decided it was time for change, for a refreshing incision of variety; despite not promising to actually give up my favourite fashion site anytime soon. Above I have compiled 3 collages of my favourite/ most longed after products from some new brands I have discovered; 'Sister Jane', 'Weekday' and 'Rock N Rose'. I know what you're thinking. I cannot fake ignorance. Any avid ASOS shopper, like myself, only has to quickly glance at the above three to realise that these brands are in actual fact available on ASOS themselves. Call me a cheater but I promise, swear to God even, that initially upon my discovering them, these brands were not available through ASOS. Firstly there's Sister Jane, a cutesy (yet undoubtedly eccentric), vintage inspired brand, selling some killer co-ords; their 60's style 'Nico Cut-Out Midi Dress' is particular favourite. Then there's Weekday; think an amalgamation between COS and Monki, with a modest price tag (excluding its Cheap Monday stock- duh!) Despite being stocked on ASOS, their website is well worth a check, with extensive jersey staples and effortless silhouettes. Although when it comes to jewellery I'm usually minimalistic (watch, studs, studs, watch etc...) Rock N Rose's crucifix earrings have been a natural exception to the rule, whilst their selection of lace crowns had me reminiscing over Dolce and Gabbana's opulent (and highly memorable) AW13 collection.
Upon writing this post I did face some inner turmoil regarding the inclusion of Marks & Spencer; ok, ok, I know, no I am not alien to one of the largest brands known to man (and to OAPS...) It's use here, was not ever to be considered as a new brand, but perhaps as a face-lifted, and somewhat revitalised old one. Ever since the unforgettable pink coat phenomena of year god-knows-what, M&S has had a refreshed position in High Street fashion; becoming increasingly, more and more popular with younger audiences and boasting a greater selection of on trend pieces. My mind was quickly altered however once I began to properly consider the store's position as a brand. Has Marks and Spencer's been reinvented? The answer: no, but unmistakably a change has occurred, and suddenly the shop commonly associated with our grandmas, is finding its garments in our wardrobes too. Its values and morals as a company remain completely (almost) identical to those of 5 years ago, yet more urban. The question is this, are we just becoming more and more (contradictory to the renewal of skateboards and 90s throwbacks) mature in our fashion decisions?

See you soon (I promise) for a typical, generic and highly expected post on fashion week,
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    1. Aw Thank you, I'll be sure to check it out :)