Monday, 16 June 2014

Can you Can you Forgive me

Shift Dress in Organza- Asos Salon/ Silk Shirt with Organza Hem- COS/ Organza Blouse- Asos/ Sheer Organza Panel Dress- Eleven Paris/ Organza Sequin Oversize Dress- Asos Salon

Can You Can You Forgive Me
So it's done, it's happened. Just pack my bags and send me straight to Lucifer for I have sinned; a prime example of the tempted, perhaps a mere victim, conforming to the horrors of referring to a song lyric on social media. Though it's not all bad, after all using PJ Harvey to excuse my prolonged absence from the blogging scene is as about good as it gets. The past two months have consisted of what appeared to be, at the time, a never ending series of exams, art work, biscuit eating etc. ( to an extent whereby if I pass McVitie's deserve a Thank You card!) The consequence of the extensive chocolate consuming, an action supposedly synonymous with not failing exams (praying), sees that I may be perhaps forced into delaying any possible outfit posts for the next few weeks whilst I drag myself and my thighs to the gym. Recently, despite previous distaste, I've found myself developing a love for organza; a fabric unmistakably everywhere this season. It appears to be following two main paths, the first a lady like Asos Salon sort of route, where it's used as an overlay etc. and the second, a modern grunge approach- think Phoebe Lettice and slogan tees. Either way, I'm hooked...and penniless. No change there I guess (gerrit?!)
Till the next time,